7 Benefits of an Organized Home

Whether you are getting ready to list your home, purchase a home, or have just moved into a new home, one thing that you will have to face is… your stuff. Most Americans are all guilty of accumulating a lot of stuff. If not organized, the accumulation of our things can become very overwhelming. The organizational craze has taken off lately due to the pandemic. Many people realized that quarantine provided the perfect opportunity to declutter and reorganize their lives. Here are 7 reasons why organizing your home can be beneficial to you.

The Benefits

  1. Being Organized Is Mentally Freeing
    Mental health is important and having an organized home will certainly help in that department. No one enjoys the anxiety that is felt when we cannot locate something that we need…car keys come to mind. Life is full of uncertainty and stress, why add to it with a disorganized house? Have a specific place set for each of your belongings.
  2. Organization Fosters Charity
    Spending time organizing gives you the perfect opportunity to go through everything that you own and assess what you can live without. It's not uncommon, especially around the holidays, to be given something as a gift that you already own. Instead of keeping it, I will donate it to Goodwill. Teaching your kids to go through their toys and donate items that they do not play with anymore is a fantastic way to teach them at an early age about giving and thinking about others.
  3. Organizing Is a Time-Saver
    Time is the most precious gift that we are given, therefore, why waste it searching for things in a messy house? Being organized will improve your family’s quality of life. Not only will you be able to locate exactly what you’re looking for quickly, so will the other members of your family.
  4. Organization Can Improve Your Sleep and Relaxation
    When your home is clean and organized, you’re less stressed and able to relax quicker. Going to bed feels even greater when you know that there are not piles of stuff and a sink full of dirty dishes waiting for you when you wake up.
  5. Being Organized Can Save You Money
    When you’re organized, all your items have a designated place. Buying doubles can be a massive waste of money, and we have all at some point made the mistake of purchasing something that we already own. Knowing your home’s inventory will certainly save you money.  
  6. Organization Increases Productivity
    When our mind is free of useless clutter, such as a messy, disorganized house, we can focus on the task in front of us. Thinking clearly and deeply will certainly increase our productivity.
  7. Being Organized Increases Your Happiness
    Being organized allows us to focus on the truly important things—our relationships, our kids, our interests, and our hobbies. Choosing to remove obstacles in our life that only create stress and frustration is certainly a key to happiness.

Taking the time today to organize and declutter your home will certainly save you time, frustration, headaches, stress, and unhappiness in the future. When you need something, you will know exactly where to look. You won’t be embarrassed by the condition of your home when a friend stops over unannounced. You won’t waste precious time hunting for something as simple as a set of car keys when you are already late for an appointment. And when you realize that it is time to move on from your current home—whether that is buying or selling—packing an organized home is just a bit less stressful.


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